Welcome to Exo’s portfolio !

Let’s check his terrain shall we?

Terrain that suits any project

See the difference?

Here are some samples of my terrain ;

And here are other project I worked on / am working on ;

NOTE: some of them might not be finished however still worth showcasing

Why me?

-Quickly responds to DMs

-Provide high quality terrain

-Cheap, fair and reasonable prices.

-Updates every milestones (biome) to ask for feedback and follow desired changes

-Friendly and helpful with picking themes / biomes / ideas for project

-Player friend environment

-Unique ideas for points of interest

-Fast delivery

-Each biome includes custom trees, assets and points of interest

How to reach out to me?

It’s simple! Just add Exo#1855 on Discord and tell me what you need! I usually respond really quickly so you will get quote in no time.

Cya in DMs! – Exo

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